July 28th Update

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So this is actually being posted on July 30th and not the 28th as shown above, and it also won't talk about everything I wanted it to originally. So it's late and shorter than planned, which is great. Anyway, my new photo gear has been held up for a while and is what's pushing everything else back.

The gist of what this blog post was going to be about originally was revealing and discussing everything we were changing up and improving. The main part of that has to do with photos and how we're presenting information on this site. We want to keep adding and changing as much as we can until this site is pretty much a repository of mechanical keyboard knowledge. How to build your keyboard, flash firmware, configure keymaps, anything so you can go from knowing nothing about custom keyboards to making and customizing your own. 

I can't really start on the most important part of that yet since my photo gear isn't here, and I don't want to do anything in the meantime I'll just end up redoing anyway. So stick out for the updates that'll come from that. It should get here tomorrow. The first things I'm planning to do are update product photos that need new ones most urgently like the S65-X kit and steel plate. 

Other than that, we have new kits and keyboards in the works including a new GB. We're working on about three new keyboards each launching within the year, with the first being available by November. A new group buy will start for the S65-Stealth with a solid high profile aluminum case. Some of you who have been following us for a while may already know what that is, but for others we'll be emailing teasers and more info as we get closer. The GB period for that is expected to be from mid-September to mid-October.

Again, keep an eye on the site since as soon as that photo and lighting gear I mentioned gets here I'll be moving fast with changes on the site.

You may have noticed the site has already changed a decent amount with thinner headers, updated colors and logos, shipping cost calculator in the cart, etc; and we'll making many more changes and improvements to come. 

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