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(Archive of updates before they moved to this blog.)

As we work to improve our customer service experience, while also adding new kits, products, and designs, we will be posting new updates and news on this page weekly in the form of a blog.

    July 7th:

    • The first few items are on their way to Amazon and just have to be checked in. Stabilizers are first and switched are delayed a bit as we had more orders than expected for them on the store.
    • We are adding photos of all options for kits such as keycaps, plate/case colors, accessories, etc to give an exact representation of what you are buying.
    • Build guides and firmware guides are coming this week.

    June 29th:

    • We're currently working on improving response and fulfillment times. There has been a major effort in the past several weeks, and we've seen these lead times go down to markedly with the majority of orders being fulfilled within one day and all others being contacted within the same period.
    • We are adding products such as switches and stabilizers to Amazon to take advantage of Prime shipping. Same day shipping is usually available in Southern California and at times other locations; but free two day will be available across the US. Costs will be slightly higher to reflect Amazon's fees, but the main advantage is free, quick shipping if you are a Prime member. We will also be adding kits in the near future, but that is much farther away.
    • Build guides and much more in depth guides in general are being worked on and should become available within the next week.
    • A forum and knowledgebase will be opening to help with any issues or difficulties with soldering, programming, editing firmware, or anything related to the building and customization of mechanical keyboards.

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