Cherry MX O-Rings

  • $ 6.99

The main cause of noise from a mechanical keyboard is "bottoming out", a term used to describe pressing a key down fully to where the bottom of the keycap hits the top of the switch which results in a loud noise. 

O-Rings reduce the noise by dampening/softening the impact of the keycap onto the switch.

Note: 1.5mm O-Rings are clear, not black.

What softness are these?
- 50A.
What size should I get?
- If you just want to lower sound with minimal other changes get 1.5mm. If you want to lower travel distance a bit as well, 2mm are great. 2.5mm and 3mm are too large for some keycaps. I only recommend these for SA, DSA, or XDA keycaps (If you don't know what these are you most likely don't have them).

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