60% Carbon Fiber Plate

60% Carbon Fiber Plate

  • $ 39.99


These carbon fiber plates are both stylish and functional. They weigh one ounce which keeps your keyboard light while adding sturdiness.


Weight: 23.5g (both matte and glossy)
Dimensions: 285 x 95mm, 1.5mm thick

More Photos

I'm trying to show the difference between matte and glossy options here. That's a fork in the reflection (weird use but whatever works, right?). Look at how clearly it's reflected on the glossy where the matte is pretty much unaffected. Hopefully this gives you a better idea.


What switches are compatible with the plate?
- Any Cherry MX or Cherry style switch (Gateron, Kailh, Greetech, etc) works with ANSI and Universal. Matias/ALPS are compatible with the Universal Plate.
Do these support switch top removal?
- Yes.
What stabilizers are compatible?
- We recommend only PCB Mount Cherry Stabilizers.


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