60% Aluminum Plate

  • $ 24.99


These aluminum plates are great for adding color or stability to your keyboard. They are sandblasted and then anodized for the best finish.


Weight: 41.5g (universal), 49g (ANSI)
Dimensions: 285 x 95mm, 1.5mm thick


What switches are compatible with the plate?
- Any Cherry MX or Cherry style switch (Gateron, Kailh, Greetech, etc) works with ANSI and Universal. Matias/ALPS are compatible with the Universal Plate.
Should I choose ANSI or Universal?

- If you are handwiring, the ANSI is the best option. If you have a PCB both ANSI and Universal will work, but the universal is more versatile as it supports more layouts. If you have a PCB that uses any layout other than ANSI, for example ISO, then the Universal Plate is your only option.
Do these support switch top removal?
- Yes,  BOTH plates do.
What stabilizers are compatible?
- We recommend only PCB Mount Cherry Stabilizers for both the ANSI and Universal Plates. You should be able to use Costar or Plate mount Cherry Stabilizers on the ANSI, but we have not tested it.

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