Store Update

Hey all,

The store has been dormant for a while now, so I just wanted to provide a quick update on our plans going forward. We plan to reopen the store in September of 2021 with a more limited selection of products such as the following:

  • 60% Aluminum/Acrylic Sandwich Case
  • 60% Acrylic High Profile Case
  • 60% Aluminum High Profile Case
  • PCB's
  • Stabilizers

I know that date is pretty far away. The pandemic has really upended things to say the least, and I've had move across the country so I could take care of my parents who are more vulnerable to the virus. That said, I think we have some really cool products so I'm hoping I'll be back home by September to reopen the store.

In the meantime, keep checking in for updates every once in a while. Thanks for the support.

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