Basic 60% DIY Keyboard Kit

  • $ 89.00

All plates are aluminum except steel.
These are only if you chose the Acrylic Low Profile Case and want to have it angled. (Not compatible with Plastic Cases)
Includes 65 white 2x3x4 LEDs

Customizations Total: $ 0.00

This 60% kit offers an incredible value coming with everything you need to build your own for just $99. It uses open-source QMK firmware that gives you control to every aspect of the firmware. 

Important Note: If you order a plastic case the RGB underglow LEDs will not be installed on the PCB as they don't fit in the case. However, if you switch cases in the future, you can solder the LEDs on yourself.


  • White PCB with gold plating, all components presoldered
  • Only switches and switch LED's need to be soldered
  • Reprogrammable with open source QMK firmware and unlimited layers
  • 20 SMD RGB LED's for case lighting (presoldered)
  • LED Backlighting
  • NKRO

Included in all kits:

  • Authentic Screw-In Cherry PCB mount stabilizers
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Case
  • Screws and Rubber feet


  • Switches (pack of 65)
  • LED's (pack of 65)
  • Aluminum Feet 
  • Keycaps (Only ANSI keycaps included, does not include ISO)