S65-Plus DIY Keyboard Kit

  • $ 139.99

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This S65-Plus with RGB underglow and LED backlighting offers an incredible value coming with everything you need to build your own keyboard for $125. It uses open-source QMK firmware and has a 10 key macro cluster for complete customization.


  • White PCB with gold plating, all components including the RGB LEDs are presoldered 
  • Only switches and switch LED's need to be soldered
  • Reprogrammable with open source QMK firmware and unlimited layers
  • 20 controllable SMD RGB LED's for case lighting
  • LED Backlighting
  • NKRO

Included in all kits:

  • Genuine Cherry PCB Mount Screw-In Stabilizers
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Case (Top/Bottom Aluminum Plate, Middle Frosted Acrylic piece)
  • Screws and Rubber feet


  • Switches (pack of 83)
  • LED's (pack of 83)
  • SIP Sockets (pack of 166)
  • Gold Springs (pack of 83)
  • Aluminum Feet 
  • Keycaps (Only ANSI keycaps are included)
  • ISO Pack (3 keys: 1 ISO enter, 1 1u, 1 1.25u) same keycap type as the one you order. Eg: If you order XDA keycaps, the ISO pack with come with XDA keycaps. Note: If you order printed keycaps, the ISO pack may be blank.